Known as :

The Bulldogs

Established :

1856 (A Barwon team competed with Geelong, Kardinia and Corio in the late 1860s)

Club Colours:

In 1877 a Blue and White striped jersey with red sash. Blue knickerbockers. Blue cap with a whitecross.  Later light blue with red and white vee.

Home ground :

In 1877 alongside the Communn-na-fienne Hotel.  In 1921 Kardinia Park. They played at the Belmont Common before relocating to the Highton ground in 1959

Competitions participated in :

1877 Victorian Football Association

1919-1923 Geelong District Football League

1924-1932 Geelong Junior Football Association

1933-1938 Geelong District Football League

1949-1978 Geelong District football League

1979-1989 Geelong Football League